Kutluk Döküm



Cast iron capasity for single piece,

  • Lamellar graphite cast iron (grey iron or pig iron) , 5 tons
  • Nodular cast iron (ductile iron), 3 tons
  • Cast steel, 2 tons

Montly capasity is 300 tons cast iron and


For Aluminum cast capasity

  • Single piece, 2,5 tons


Montly capasity is 50 tons



Our quality policy is based on the principle that the costumer sees and evaluates the work we do, and any nonconformity quickly do one’s bit.

We know that the movements to increase quality are part of the business of suppliers, and we work with them on solid foundations.

We aim to increase our quality and productivity and to continue our way by reaching more customers and fewer mistakes and fires.

Our company, which has all the permission documents about the environment, continues production with all sensitivity towards the environment.



  • Kutluk Aluminum Industry has been established 1980 in Bursa.
  • In 2011, our company is a corporation Kutluk Casting Automotive Machinery Parts Industry and Trade Co. Ltd. Sti. was named.
  • Our company has chosen the production of aluminum automotive molds that appeal to the automotive sector as the branch it serves.
  • Covered area of 1500m2, 3500 m2 of open space based on the experienced staff of our company wil continue to serve in a quality manner.
  • In 2013, due to increasing demand for services, capacity expansion and automotive press molds have entered the iron group casting sector and continue to serve aluminum and iron group casting under a single roof.
Single piece steel cast
Single piece grey cast iron
Single piece nodular cast iron
Single piece Aluminium casting

Why Kutluk ?

Experience of 38 years

Our company, which is in the casting sector till 1980 to today, serves our customers with the experience of 38 years.

Quick and easy solution

We aim to deliver the fastest solution to the customer by reacting instantly to any problems that arise from the customer or from us.


Kutluk Döküm, which always keeps the quality in the front planet, has made it a principle to send faultless castings to the customers.


Always being kind to our customers and our suppliers is a company policy.

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