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Our foundry, unlike hundreds of foundries across Turkey and Europe, is equipped to supply complex core castings to its customers.

In Kutluk Döküm, casting simulations are made with advanced technological applications, taking into account customer demands and needs, possible faults and critical points are determined, and the casting process is carried out without errors. Before and after casting, the desired standards are tested in the metallography laboratory. After laboratory approval, casting process is carried out.

About Us 43 Years of Casting Experience

Kutluk Döküm is an organization that provides services by prioritizing customer satisfaction with its engineer staff and experienced employees. It has the facilities and knowledge to meet the high-level technical requirements and services demanded by our customers.

At Kutluk Döküm, advanced technological applications are used to simulate casting processes, taking into account customer demands and needs. Possible errors and critical points are identified to ensure a flawless casting process.

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Hasanağa Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
(HOSAB) 1 .cadde No:23 Nilüfer / BURSA

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